Gas powered gel blaster rifle

New to gel blasters? Learn everything you want to know about them in our video. Experience the thrill, excitement and fun of gel blasters.

Gel blasters have revolutionised skirmish and this new sport is very quickly rivalling paintball, airsoft and laser tag. So why are gel blasters so popular? Gel blasters are powered by a rechargeable battery or manual loaded spring that shoots non harmful and inexpensive gel balls.

The gel balls used in these blasters are mostly made of water, therefore they are non-toxic, leave no stains and are environmentally friendly. On impact, the gel balls explode into tiny pieces, like jelly and evaporate quickly.

The law states that owning a gel blaster in Queensland and South Australia is legal. As of Decembergel blasters were classified as a toy and no licence is required to own one. If you live in other states, and to read other regulations surrounding gel blasters, please read our FAQ page.

Pistol Gel Blasters

Free Australia wide shipping We offer gel blaster repairs and modifications services Buy gel blasters online or in person at our Brisbane based Superstore All our gel blasters are legally obtained and have an approved import permit.

For all order related questions please email contact tactoys. Pause slideshow Play slideshow. Previous slide Next slide. Gel Blasters Australia Experience the thrill, excitement and fun of gel blasters. Gel ball blasters are very affordable and easy to use, they are loads of fun and offer endless hours of play. They are just as fun as paintball but without the mess and pain, also gel balls are low cost and harm free. How Do Gel Blasters Work? Is it Legal to Own Gel Blasters?Product name.

Atomic Armoury The latest iteration of our hardened premium ammunition has arrived! These gels grow from milky to clear, with a super hard consistency that is sure to reduce breakage in the barrel, Sale Sold Out. LDT MP CYMA M CO2 Cartridge Under Pressure.

Do not heat above 60 degrees Celsius. Do not puncture cartridge. Do not inhale or discharge towards face and Atomic Armory This is the best of the best. A full metal, high grade quality blaster, with a top of the line Wolverine HPA unit. Stop using air dusters and other gas products that damage your blaster and it's seals! This product is a direct Beretta M92A Replacement M This product is not compatible with the Atomic Armoury version. Gas Powered Co2 to Want to run Co2 in your green gas magazine?

P Gas Replacement piercing pin for Atomic Armoury and Gi17 co2 magazines. Talk the talk! To Mosfet, or not to Mosfet?In Australia Airsoft is totally banned, this is a piece of bad news for Australians. Gel blasters are the only choice that Australians can have fun with.

However, there was still a legal dispute over whether gel blasters are legal in Australia and in different regions of Australia. So you may have been searching for the answer for questions: are gel blasters legal in Australia?

Gas Powered Pistols

This article will help those who don't have much idea about gel blaster legality in Australia. And the department also states "Where these devices resemble a real firearm, they will be classified as an imitation of a firearm under the Regulations.

The NSW Firearms RegistryImitation Firearms Permit fact sheet states that "An imitation firearm does not include anything that is produced and identified as a children's toy. Had better buy from an online store and do not show them in public. Had better to ask your neighbour for permisson before playing it in yard, because the noise would disturb them. Had better buy from an online store and use it secretly. Free to sell and buy it without a license.

Currently, there are no specific laws in west Australia, no regulation on it. It depends on where you live. One thing is certain is that they are totally legal in QLD and SA, and you don't need to get a fireman license to sell and own it.

No worries, we can ship gel blasters to these places, actually many people order from us in these places, just don't show them in public and all be fine. Permanent legal record is no joke and can affect you for the rest of your life, the bigger thing is, such behavior would call on tighter regulations on gel blasters.

Do not take and use it in public blatantly! Due to customs issues, zhenduo cannot ship gel blasters from China warehouse to Australia via airway couriers. So, we only ship gel blaster upgrades and tactical gears.

Gel Blasters Australia

The other gel blasters will be shipped from our Australia stockand we can import gel blasters via sea containers to the AU warehouse. For other countries, pls check our shipping policy. TLDR we will ship and claim not our problem when you pinged. April 16, zhang fan.

gas powered gel blaster rifle

Are Gel Blasters Legal in Australia? Are gel blaster legal in Victoria? Are gel blasters legal in Tasmania? Are gel blaster legal in SA?

Are gel blaster legal in WA? Conclusion: Are gel blasters are legal in Australia? Filed in: gel ball blastergel ball blaster australiagel ball shootergel blastergel blaster australiagel blaster newsgel gungelsofttoy gun.

In Victoria and have a licence can I legally buy one and have it shipped with no problems. So do you guys ship to WA in Australia, and if so, is there ever any problems??

Hello will, just try not to get pinged and that would be all fine. Added to your cart:. Cart subtotal.Ready for the. Gas Pistols. Latest Products. Buy Latest Products. Blasters Sale. Battery support involves a stick type stock tube Li Po Battery placed This gel blaster comes with a metal gear box with a velocity of around This latest Blaster Upgrades.

Holster body is stronger, offering firm protection for pistol in a combat situation, whilst maintains proper toughness for comfortable The holster body offers degree rotation. User can easily adjust the carrying position.

gas powered gel blaster rifle

Cytac Mega-Fit polymer holster features adjustable screws to fit nearly 70 Pistols. For users owning multiple blasters, simple and effective design helps achieve a versatile usage. These new gels from Alpha King are now the hardest gels on the market!

These will give you superior distance and accuracy to any other gels! Valve key used to adjust and replace the valves in the co2 magazines. This is no chinese crap battery, this is certified 2S 1,mah battery capacity with 18 gauge wire!

Lipo no less so you will have plenty of power to keep going! These new gels from AusGel are insanely hard premium gels. Average Size: 7.

Azraels XTP Review - Future of Gel Ball

Hold 2 mags side by side to allow rapid switch over to your spare mag! Suits AK and M4 mags. Latest Blog Posts. Aster Gate Mosfet. Gate Aster Installation Guide. Gate Mosfet Titan. Vendor: Product Type: Barcode:. Added to Cart Successfully! There are items in your cart Total:. With this product also buy:.

You have successfully subscribed!Gel blasters are often played in CQB -style shooting skirmishes similar to paintball by squads or local clubs of enthusiasts often referred to as "gelballers", but follows an airsoft -like honor-based gameplay umpiring system.

MilSim games involving players wearing camouflage and dump pouches are very popular, while "SpeedGel" players are more casual with team jerseys and often wear paintball masks. In addition to safety gear such as eye protectionsthe sport is heavily regulated on the field and players must adhere to safety rules. The general design of gel blasters are very similar to airsoft gunsusually comprising a coil spring -loaded piston air pumpwith a T-piece ahead of the pump outlet to feed gel beads.

The spring-piston pump is either manually cocked like a spring-piston gun or more commonly driven by an electric motor - gearbox assembly powered by batteries like airsoft automatic electric guns AEG.

However, unlike the plastic airsoft pellets or the gelatin paintball capsulesthe gel beads are very frangible and will simply fragment if any high pressure is introduced, so the propelling pump is small with a very low pressure output.

As a result, gel blasters have a much lower muzzle energyand hence shorter effective range and worse accuracy than most paintball guns, although recently muzzle-mounted frictional " hop-up " devices have been introduced to impart backspin on the gel beads and try increasing the range and precision. This nature of the beads' external and terminal ballistics make them much safer to play with although protective eyewear is still recommended [1] [2] and very unlikely to cause any property damage.

The gel beads are also very cheap, easily transported in packets and only require soaking in water for a few hours prior to playing. Originally, gel blasters used paintball-style top-mounted hoppers often disguised as fake optical sights that relied on gravity to load the gel beads when shooting, because the water beads were typically too fragile to withstand even the pressure exerted by a follower spring.

However, in latebottom-mounted magazines with inbuilt motors were introduced, which draw power from the main batteries via contact points at the top to drive a cogwheel that gently pushed the beads up a feeding tube. This gave a lot more realism than previously and triggered a huge surge in the popularity and market of gel blasters.

The recent proliferation of more hardy gel beads on the market has also introduced magazines using the traditional spring follower. In early"Kublai P1", a gas-powered version modelled after the Glock pistolstarted to appear on the market.

The original version is fully polymer, but an upgraded version with metal slide and barrel is available for sale by retailers in Australia.

There are a variety of products made and produced to complement gel blasters, which feeds from ordinary gel ball ammunition. Gel grenades are essentially a bottle with an internal spring mechanism. When the safety clip is pulled and the lever is relaxed, a sear mechanism is released and allows three trapdoor -like hatches on the external shell to spread open, followed by the release of three spring-loaded hinged flaps underneath that "flick out" out any gel beads stored within the cavity between the hatches and the flaps, causing a "shower" of gel beads in all directions.

The sear can be designed to release in a delayed fashion, or in response to vibrations caused by impacts. Gel mines are essentially plastic clamshell containers shaped like the M18 Claymorewith a pair of spring-loaded internal hinged flaps connected end-to-end by a looping piece of canvas. When the mine is loaded, the two flaps are folded down and trapped by the locked-shut clamshell enclosure, and gel beads are stored into the space within the canvas loop via a small feeding window on the front enclosure.

The locking mechanism of the clamshell enclosure can be released manually by a tripwireor by a remote control. When released, the clamshell enclosure opens up, allowing the two spring flaps to flip out like a french doorstretching and flattening the canvas between them, which will launch out all the stored gel beads towards the front direction.

In Marcha gel blaster version of the M grenade launcher is introduced to the Chinese market by MAX SUN, which is designed to mount on the underside of another gel blaster's handguard via a Picatinny rail interface.RX AKM HQ MP5K.

HK UMP Refine by Clear all. Refine by. View as. Items Per Page Sort by Featured. Add to Cart. Quick View. Sold Out. CO2 powered Clasic black frame with Black cast slide.

Jinming have been known for producing great quality rifle sized blasters at a great price and have now entered the pistol market with their X-1 pistol. Just like their fabled Gen 8 the Jinming X-1 features great performance and build Features: Solid Sale Sold Out.

Little Moon. Throw on some chaps, grab your horse and live out your spaghetti western dreams with the Colt Python Long Barrel revolver! Horse and chaps sold seperately. The STD CS is probably the best performing gel blaster pistol on the market, great rate of fire and a muzzle velocity the same as the higher end mag fed pistols makes it great bang for the buck. The Desert Eagle is the manliest gel pistol out there with its full scale construction.

Recently Viewed Products. This website use's cookies to help customers with a better user experience. Please accept to get the best performance. Close Customer Login:. Forgot your password? Create An Account.If you've had some exposure to airsoft, then this will be more or less basics for you, but hopefully the refresher helps to reinforce some good habits at least!

First, remove the magazine from the blaster, via the magazine release. Never fill your blaster with the magazine in it. Hold your gas canister upside down, and give it a quick shake shakes it perfect. Next, fill your magazine, by holding it upside down. Making sure that you align the canister and the inlet nozzle in as near to vertical position as you can get it.

Do not let the canister tilt or try to fill on an angle. Make sure there is a good seal and fill the magazine by pressing down with the gas canister.

gas powered gel blaster rifle

Hold it steady, but avoid unnecessary pressure - it's a good way to slip and damage the inlet valve. Keep the canister depressed for a few seconds.

The filling time for mags varies, but for most gas pistols the time should be about seconds. Some of the lower pressure air duster cans, may take a little longer. As a good rule, double the time for air duster cans, but do not exceed seconds total. Now that the gas is loaded, you can load ammunition. Slide down the follower and insert as normal. Reinsert your magazine, cock or pull back the slide if it is a blow-back pistol, and you're all set to fire! Let the magazine warm up to room temperature if it's cold.

This does make a difference! Doing so will prematurely wear out seals and can cause the O-rings to freeze, damaging them permanently. Fire the pistol until it is out of gas. This is the safe way to discharge your pistol.

Warm weather use will have best results. Using a gas pistol during colder weather isn't advised, it won't cycle completely, may not fire well and it will definitely use more gas than normal.

Rapid fire can also cause it to freeze up, causing damage to the blaster. Do not use anything else such as petroleum-based lubricants. Other lubricants are not safe for use on plastic and rubber parts. Do not use WD or other petroleum-based lubricants as will damage the guns permanently.

Be sure to also spray silicone oil into the top nozzle of the magazine every magazines uses. This is done by pressing the top release valve on the mag while putting a quick spray of silicone into the top rubber exhaust valve.

Likewise, do not keep them in storage while fully charged or completely empty. This will allow the O-Rings of the magazine to remain properly lubricated while in storage.

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